This is sadly the last box that And the Story Begins will be putting out ever šŸ˜¦ But I’m glad that they have sent me this box and also the refund for the months they won’t be continuing. Other bookclubs to consider are BookCase.Club or My Thrill Club. Similar in design to And the Story Begins. Different genres to look into.

In this box I received:

Item #1: Friday Never Leaving by Vikki Wakefield. Friday Brown and her mom have always been on the run. When her mom dies, she still does not know how to put down roots and settle into a town. She finds herself at an abandoned house full of street kids, led by Arden. Their relationship is precarious and anyone who tries to make friends with Friday might have severe consequences. She has to decide if she wants to stand up for herself or go back to her loner lifestyle. This book definitely sounds like an interesting read about homelessness. I’m definitely willing to give it a go! Also this book is apparently listed as Friday Brown on GoodReads, so don’t be confused.

Item #2: Sibs by F. Paul Wilson. The death of her twin sister brings her back to New York. She teams up with a police detective (ex-lover) to figure out what happened. Sounds like a great mystery novel! It will be interesting to see how the twins thing plays out. Apparently this author has connected the universes of his stories together in subtle ways. If I like this book I’ll consider taking on the 30 plus novel endeavor.