This is the every other month book and comics club! I’m subscribed to both the book and comics. The theme of this box is Ladies of Sci-Fi. The owners have dedicated this box to the leading ladies of sci-fi.

Items #1-2: Husks cover art & bookmark. It was inspired by the book that came in this month’s box.

Item #3: Big Bada Boom! Soap inspired by Leeloo from the Fifth Element by Paper Street. Its scent is very vanilla, dragon’s blood, and orange. I’m always a fan of soap, especially one that has some spice in it.

Item #4: “Hush, let them geek out” soft enamel pin inspired by Izabel of Saga designed by Paper Street. The pin kinda looks weird. It has a very long, screaming face on it…I don’t know where it came from.

Item #5: Amy Pond Doctor Who Tea designed by Cara McGee. Black tea, rooibos tea, cinnamon bark, ginger root, orange peels, cloves, cardamom, raspberry leaves, natural cranberry flavor, natural vanilla flavor, cranberries, and natural orange flavor. There is a lot of ingredients in there, but I’m excited to try it out.

Items #6-7: Comic- Astrid Cult of the Volcanic Moon by Kim W. Anderson & Author Note. Astrid was the Galactic Coalition’s top recruit until an incident on her final exam had her kicked out of the service. She receives a special mission. With her old classmate Ulf she will have to learn how to survive space battles, cults, and ancient evil of an uncharted volcanic moon. I’m actually excited to read this comic. I’m not generally in love with comics, but this one sounds great.

Items #8-9: Book- Husks by Randall Fitzgerald & Author Note. Kids in the East are told that the West is dead, but that isn’t true. Puck gets by as well as you can expect through scavenging. Every now and then someone comes from the East asking for something unreasonable. It’s usually a death sentence, but money outweighs common sense. Sounds like a good dystopian 🙂