Hey guys!! OwlCrate November is here!! The theme is Wonderland!

Item #1: Tea and Tea Tin by Riddle’s Tea Shoppe. This tea smells so goood!! And the tea tin is super adorable. You can even store something in the top part, though I don’t suggest it. It’s hard to get loose and you might never retrieve your item if you put something there haha.

Item #2: Alice in Wonderland Bookmark created by Authored Adornments. It has the words curioser and curioser in a magnified glass. This is a really beautiful bookmark, but I have a feeling it will damage any book I try to read with it haha.

Item #3: Alice in Wonderland Magnet by Evie Bookish. It matches the cover of Alice in Wonderland. The matching of this box is on point!

Items #4-5: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. Cover designed by Rock Paper Books. It comes with a matching bookmark by Risa Rodil! I’ve never read this book, so it gives me the opportunity to read the original along with the retelling that we received this month.

Items #6-7: Heartless by Marissa Meyer. Exclusive White Cover! If you weren’t subscribed to OwlCrate I’m sorry but you have missed out on the White Cover. I know they were offering some extras in their shop, but I have a feeling those have sold out as well. As always a letter from the author accompanies the book. Catherine seems to be a simple girl who dreams of opening her own bakery. Unfortunately her parents and King of Wonderland have different plans for her. She meets a court joker at the royal ball, and her life takes an unexpected romantic turn. In a world of music and madness will she be able to live the life she wants? I’ve never read a retelling, so I’m excited to read this book! Especially with all the hype it has on booktube right now.

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