Hey guys! It’s Novel Tea Club’s November box!! It came a little late this month due to them having shipping issue with an item. I believe it arrived first week of December. But that’s alright, as I was lazy about doing this unboxing since I’ve been working on exams these past few weeks!!

Item #1: This is the Science Fiction/Fantasy book pick. The Rift Uprising by Amy S. Foster- Basically there are a lot of rifts that pop up on Earth to alternate Earths. People have a tendency to pop out. A lot of them are dangerous, or so Ryn is told. She starts to question if maybe the people of Earth should be using these instead of closing them the minute they open when a confused boy wanders out of the rift one day.

Item #2: Mortar and Petal-Falling Leaves tea. It’s made from roast chicory root, carob, licorice, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It has a nice spice smell to it, and is supposed to be reminiscent of a warm crackling fire. I can’t wait to drink some!

Item #3: Mom’s Apple Pie ground coffee made in Pennsylvania, USA by Indulge Lititz. It’s a good scent, unfortunately I don’t drink coffee. But my roommate does! And it makes a good gift to give her for Christmas 🙂

Item #4: Falling Leaf Chocolates made in Vancouver, BC. These were awesome! I just couldn’t help myself from eating them. They melted in my mouth. It was a great milk chocolate!!

Item #5: Tea bags. Great for the tea I just received!!

Item #6: Christmasauras Post Card by Teo Zirinis. I don’t think I’ll be sending it anywhere. It’s too cute. So I’ve put it up on my door haha.

If you liked this book box please check them out on CrateJoy!