To be completed in the month of December!!
Candy Cane: 1-2 books
Mistletoe: 2-4 books
Marshmallows: 5-6 books
Gingerbread House: 7-10 books
Christmas Tree: 11-15 booksCategories:
1. Read a book Originally published in December
2. Read a Winter-themed book: Before a Million Universes by T.W.R. Shelton
3. Read a Christmas-themed book
4. Read a book with a blue Cover: The Murder House by James Patterson & David Ellis 12/27
5. Read a book with a cover that reminds you of winter: Heartless by Marissa Meyer
6. Read a book about a winter sport
7. Read a book with a tree on the cover (Any tree will work): The Rift by Amy S. Foster
8. Read a book that has snow on the cover
9. Read a book that has lights on the cover: Metaltown by Kristen Simmons
10. Read a book about friendship: Trusting the Currents by Lynnda Pollio
11. Read a book that deals with family issues: Mistress by James Patterson
12. Read a book with candy on the cover: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
13. Read a book with Gingerbread on the cover (Gingerbread man, Gingerbread House, etc.)
14. Read a book with a snowman on the cover
15. Read any book of your choice: Nemesis by Anna Banks