Hey guys! I’m back with a FairyLoot November unboxing!! This month’s theme was Royals & Rogues.

Item #1: Queen of Books Mug. I love getting mugs, especially bookish themed ones šŸ™‚ I’d like to think I’m the Queen of Books, but there are possibly others out there who outrank me.

Item #2: Royals & Rogues tea from the Tea Leaf Company. It’s earl grey. Never had that type before, but hope I will like the flavor!

Item #3: Calipha Pocket Mirror designed by Bookworm Boutique. It is inspired by the Wrath & the Dawn Duology. I’ve never read it, but the mirror is cute. Although not sure if I’ll be using it in everyday life.

Item #4: Queen of Terrasen Notepad by Alexis Lampley. This is inspired by the Throne of Glass series. I’ve only read the novellas, so I don’t know who the queen of Terrasen is, but I’ll get on the series soon so I can understand this reference!!

Item #5: Scented Spectorium Soap Crystals by Craftyragamuffin. Apparently I will understand what this conglomeration of crystals represents after I read the book. Guess this is next on my TBR list! Also you should look up videos on how to make these crystals on youtube. It’s strangely relaxing.

Item #6: Double Sided Art Print inspired by Red Queen- lettering designed by LovelyOwlsBooks and illustration by Bookotter. The tag line is perfect for decorating your wall (or bedroom door) šŸ™‚

Items #7-11

  • Nemesis by Anna Banks- Princess Sepora’s dad wants to use her powers to start a war with the enemy kingdom. She runs away into the enemy kingdom, with a plan to hide out. Unfortunately it’s thwarted when she is captured and then put into the king’s servitude. They have a rocky relationship at first, especially with a plague that is sweeping the kingdom, but eventually learn to trust each other. I’m hoping there’s more action than romance to the book, but who knows. The cover looks pretty cool. The girls is silver? And I guess they live underwater? I’ll let ya know what I think when I get around to the review!
  • Signed Bookplate- I enjoy that a bunch of my books are signed now. Great for resale value if I don’t necessarily love the book.
  • Bookmark- Good to go along with the book when I read it.
  • Author Letter- I love when the authors write the readers and subscribers notes. It always makes things feel more personalized.
  • Parani Sketch- Kinda looks like a selkie…