Hey guys! It’s And the Story Begins November box!! I’ve gotten myself situated and have been able to successfully get the Mystery/Thriller box subscription.

Item #1: Daughter of the Sword by Steve Bein. Mariko Oshiro is the only female detective in Tokyo’s elite police unit. She has to fight for every ounce of respect, especially from a new boss. He gives her what seems to be an unpromising case: the attempted theft of an old samurai sword, but turns out to be more dangerous than anyone thought. The sword was crafted by legendary Master Inazuma, whose swords are rumored to be magic. Marko is on the tail of a curse centuries old, and must confront the evil power. This sounds like it is a good thriller/mystery. I hope there is more mystery than what the synopsis is making it out to be. I prefer mysteries to thrillers, but the setting of Japan is very appealing!

Item #2: Berlin Game by Len Deighton. Brahms Four is the best East German source the British have had, but he believes his cover has been blown and wants to come over the wall and escape Berlin. The one person he trusts is retired agent Bernard Samson of the Secret Intelligence Service. Before Samson can set out on his mission he realizes there is a traitor close to him and must find out who it is while in the process of getting Brahms to the West before it’s too late. This is an interesting setting and time period of before the wall was taken down. Sounds like a spy thriller, which i haven’t read in a long time. The last one I read was the series: Alex Cross. I’m very much excited to start this spy thriller and see if the author was able to write in a good amount of history in it 🙂

If any of these books sounds like they would be entertaining I recommend checking them out!