Hey guys! I’m back with Go Indie Now! November’s box. This month’s theme is survival. This box is meant to uplift the soul and make you feel powerful. As always it ignites all 5 senses & I switched over to the General Fiction-2 books box.

Item #1: The Roar by A.M. White & Signed Bookplate. This book takes place in some post apocalyptic world where Alex has been enslaved by beings who controlled “Roars.” She is being hunted, and possibly has the power to change everything. I’m not exactly what a “Roar” is and the overall plot line of the book, but it definitely sounds intriguing. Apparently the author wrote this based on strange boom noises she hears in her town: Wesley Chapel, that no one has been able to figure out.

Item #2: Mistletoe by J.Z.N. McCauley & a note from the author. Boy is that a lot of initials!! Apparently some people received Shadow Fall by Audrey Grey, but I received the book Mistletoe, so that is what I will be discussing šŸ™‚ Catherine Green, her twin sister, and older brother travel to Ireland on a college graduation trip. I wonder who graduated, the twins or the brother? She lands her dream job at an Art & History Museum and meets a stranger named Bowen (expert on local ancient studies). Catherine is the key to breaking an ancient curse, but does not know and instead of fixing things she unleashes Conall and his druid followers onto the world. She decides she must stop him at all costs, while figuring out the enigma that is Bowen. So a love tale, a curse, and druids. I hope that this will be fun!

Item #3: To Taste- Ginger Tea to go along with The Roar.

Item #4: To See- The Roar Magnet & Survival Poem by Etch_My_Soul. This magnet is cute and can’t wait to put it on my fridge. Apparently people were only supposed to receive one or the other, but I received both haha. The poem reads:

Control is an illusion

a self taught delusion

Fear of mortality

an over indulged variety

The body dies

The soul lives on

We may be absent

but never gone.

Item #5: To Hear- This playlist was picked to go along with The Roar. I’m excited to check this out when I start reading the book!

Item #6: To Touch- Soap Bar from Milk & Jelly. If you guys remember, they are the people who created some stuff for the Paper Street Books & Comics box I got last month! The scent is: Scrub the Dead Away (red ginger saffron, dragon’s blood, blood orange, & very vanilla). Smells lovely and definitely like it would scrub the dead away haha.

Item #7: To Smell- Barren Moon Scent Pack by Adventurescents. Smells like trees, pine, and dirt somehow. Like a big evergreen forest in the cool weather.

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