Hey guys! Today I’m sharing with you the unboxing of Novel Tea Club’s October box!! For this subscription I signed up for Fantasy with a little Sci-Fi. The categories you can choose from are Romance, Young Adult, and Fantasy with a little Sci-Fi. Since I’m already subscribed to 4 boxes that have YA books (Fairyloot-fantasy YA, OwlCrate-general fiction YA, UpperCase-YA, & The Best Damn Book Box-YA) to avoid repeats I made sure to pick a genre I also enjoy. With the ones above they have themes for each box so I am usually able to figure out if the month will bring me a repeat or not. If it will I shall skip it for the next one πŸ™‚ But onto the unboxing!! This is a great box, because not only do you get a book, you receive teas & bath related items for the book lover’s perfect night in!

Item #1: Bad Girl, Good Tea. Its flavor is Chocolate Chai Baby. So something sweet with a little bit of spicy. I’ve never had chocolate in my tea before, sounds interesting. Hopefully it’ll taste yummy!

Item #2: Tiny House Soap Co. All Spice wax melts. Wax melts are amazing!! Basically you warm them up with a warmer that plugs into the wall & the smell begins to drift as the wax melts. It’s basically a candle, without the flames. So for those of you in dorm rooms or strict apartment rules wax melts are the way to go! These specific melts are made of beeswax & coconut.

Item #3: Raelys Boutique Dark Night bath bomb. The bath water is going to turn black!! Spooky πŸ™‚ Made with coconut oil, jojaba oil, and shea butter. All great things for your skin!

Item #4: Caramel Apple Cream snacks. These are apple filled caramels. They remind me of those salt water taffies. I’m personally not a fan, but I’ve put them in my candy bowl for others to enjoy!

Item #5: Tainted Love print by Khelsie Powers. This is the card that describes everything in the box. It looks interesting. There’s an alien & a human reaching across to each other with a heart in the middle.

Item #6: Fall Into Books sticker by EvieBookish. This is the theme for November’s box!! I think I’ll stick that sticker on my computer.

Item #7: Bright Smoke, Cole Fire by Rosamund Hodge. This is the book that everyone received this month. Supposedly a dark romance. While not a fan of romance in general I’ll give it a try since it has dark in the genre. Hopefully it won’t be super silly or the whole plot line. I’ve just read the inside flap. Apparently it’s a Romeo & Juliet retelling with the living dying and the dead coming back to life. Hmmmm. Idk, well you’ll find out what I think about it when I get around to review time!

If you thought this box looked super cool please feel free to check out their CrateJoy page!!


And as always I’m not compensated with reviews or unboxings whatsoever. All thoughts are my own πŸ™‚