Hi Everybody! As a disclaimer this is a spoiler. If you subscribe and haven’t received  your box yet DO NOT LOOK! Otherwise feel free to enjoy the love these lovely people have provided me this month 🙂 I subscribe to the Book Warrior: Book & Comic Addict. Why only get one? It’s a bimonthly subscription, meaning it only comes every other month. I enjoy books, having 2 come in a box sounds way more fun than just one! P.S. The theme of this book is Dead! Because you know, October=Halloween 😉

Item #1: Welcome to Deadland by Zachary Tyler Linville. This book is beautiful and spooky! It’s about a widespread disease that has taken over humanity. These symptoms include: animalistic rage, violent outbursts, and a ravenous hunger for human flesh! Zombies, oh my! Asher Wendy & Rico try to reach an abandoned theme park in hopes for a sanctuary along with some people they meet along the way. Sounds like this will make for an interesting read. While not a fan of the zombie genre hype I think I could very well enjoy this book.

Item #2: Graveyard Quest by KC Green & Allison Shabet. This comic is about a son who has to run the family business of gravedigging while his father’s ghost is still around to criticize him. I think I’ll enjoy the slightly spooky and funny read 🙂

Item #3: Dead Snow candle by Milk & Jelly. The card says it may not be snowy yet, but you never know. Well down here in VA we know. It doesn’t snow until Feb/March :/ The ingredients of the candle read: Very vanilla, blood orange, and fireside. To me it smells like a vanilla cupcake that has booze on the inside, possibly tequila lol

Item #4: If I Can’t Bring My Books I’ll Die Patch. Not sure where I’ll sew or iron? this onto, but I’ll find a place for it to decorate on my bookshelf in the meantime. Also tis true. Without books I’ll die.

Item #5: Book thief quote notecard designed by Paper Street. That’s the cute little picture of the grim reaper 🙂

Item #6: Zombies & Run foot milk bath soak. Guess I’m getting a pedicure soon. Good thing I have a bunch of bath bombs from my birthday to use still!!

Items #7-8: Chai spice black tea & Pumpkin decaf tea. Not sure how I feel about pumpkin spice. Never been a fan of it, but maybe it’ll taste better in tea form? I think I’ll share this one with the roomie.

Item #9: Cemetery bookmark. Always in need of another bookmark!

Items #10-12 Various author signatures & notes from the creators of the book & graphic novel!! What a treat!

If you enjoyed this book unboxing please check out their store on CrateJoy. They always have discounts there. It’s an amazing place to shop. As always I’m not compensated for these unboxings. This is my own opinion and I spend my own money on receiving these beautiful boxes 🙂