Hey guys! So I’m unboxing And the Story Begins book box today! I somehow signed up for random, though I swear I had selected Mystery/Thriller. Rest assured I fixed it and next month I’ll receive the Mystery/Thriller box 🙂 Even though it was random I still got a book from that genre, so I guess it half worked out anyway!! The categories that are available to choose from are: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller, Sci-Fi, Adult Fiction, Military, Horror, and Surprise Box. Many many choices for every reader 🙂

Item #1: Game by Anders De La Motte. This is apparently a trilogy. If I enjoy the first I will most likely read the next two. The pages are blue tinged and it looks like a creepy/cool computer sci-fi adventure from the cover! The synopsis of the book says that Henrik Pettersson finds a cell phone on an train. The phone invites him to play a game where he films pranks & uploads them to a protected server for others to view and rank. Soon he must choose between stardom and his family secrets. What will he do?

Item #2: Vengeance Born by Kylie Griffin. This is a fantasy novel. I’m a fan of fantasy, so I was not too disappointed in receiving this in the random box. Especially considering there are only 3 genres I like out of all they offer, and I could have received something like Military haha. This seems to be a fantasy/romance in which Annika, a Na’Reish, has to rescue Kalan, a light blade warrior, who is a prisoner in her father’s dungeon. Together they must rush to the border and uncover a truth that could get the human race embroiled in a civil war. While not a fan of romance, maybe there will be enough action to keep me entertained. It apparently has 2 sequels, so if I like this one I might give the other two a try.

These items are cutely wrapped in paper with a bow. While it does not have bookish goodies like other boxes it’s cheap & provides 2 books per box 🙂 I highly recommend checking out their CrateJoy page to learn more!

As always I am not compensated in any way for my opinions.