Hey guys! This is obviously a spoiler, so please don’t read any further unless you want to be spoiled by the contents of this lovely box!!

Item #1 A Peter Pan inspired hat by Whosits and Whatsits!! These people are amazing 🙂 Definitely check out their site. Like how beautiful is that hat? I’m going to be wearing that as soon as it gets cold here! It’s still mid 80’s. I’m concerned that I’m never going to have winter, or fall is going to be completely skipped over entirely :/

Item #2 An Oz Passport notebook! It looks like a passport inside 🙂 How much cooler can you get with notebooks? I’m honestly not sure! I don’t know what I’m going to write inside this yet, but I can’t wait for an idea. Here are some travelers tips from inside:

  • Follow the yellow brick road
  • Throwing liquids may be beneficial
  • Always look behind the curtain
  • Watch out for flying monkeys
  • Click your heels together to return home*
  • *Valid only if wearing ruby red heels

Item #3 A cute button that matches the spoiler sheet, which I won’t read until I dig through everything!

Item #4 A paperclip bookmark. It’s giant!! Mine is black and white. I’ve seen others that had flowers on theirs (secretly jealous) but not going to complain about this awesomeness!

Item #5 A Team Phoenix bookmark from the New World Series. Don’t know it, maybe I’ll read it?

Item #6 A really beautiful bracelet that is easily expanded to fit over my large strangely manly hands haha. The charms are “Once Upon a Dream”, a spindle, and a blue gem. It’s so cute 🙂 I can’t wait to show it off! Be jelly ppl, be jelly!

Items #7-10

Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter in hardback (of course). A signed nameplate. A note from the author. And lastly a temporary tattoo. I know what I’m doing tomorrow 🙂

Apparently it’s inspired by a Russian folklore. That’s different. An urban fantasy where Vassa has to go up against a witch who runs her neighborhood in Brooklyn. She has some kind of doll left to her by her mom, and I believe she’s living with stepsisters and a stepmom. Maybe a cinderella twist on it? Well I’ll let ya know when I finish it! May be awhile. Attempting to finish my October reading challenge, or at least complete some of the reading challenge. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do 17 books in one month haha. I might die from not sleeping, but it might be worth it. If I don’t update you on reviews, assume the books have won.

-Peace, Love, and Book Addictions ❤